The piano represents the height of human ingenuity in design and engineering principles. Its place in the world of music is firmly cemented, having a power, dynamic range, and expressiveness unmatched by any other instrument.

It is a machine made mostly of wood, and given the vigorous use and climatic stress to which most pianos are subjected, they have a remarkably long lifespan. Eventually, though, partial or complete restoration is necessary to bring the piano back to the condition it was in when it was new.

Fortunately, the design and structure of the piano lends itself to this possibility. More often than not, pianos can be saved! It is usually more a question of economics than of logistics. Cracked soundboards can be repaired or replaced; worn out pinblocks can be duplicated; new strings can be installed; action parts can be refurbished or replaced.

A thorough evaluation of your piano’s condition, sentimental value, and market value after restoration is the first step in determining whether your piano is a good candidate for restoration. The period between 1900 and 1930 is considered to be the pinnacle of piano manufacturing in terms of craftsmanship and tone quality. Pianos by reputable makers from this period are almost always worth restoring. If a piano has been in your family for several decades, its value as a family heirloom can be even more important than its market value. Leaving a carefully restored family piano to one’s heirs, or restoring an inherited piano, are wonderful ways to preserve family heritage and memories.

I work in collaboration with clients to determine precisely what their needs and expectations are for the instrument, and to develop the most suitable plan for restoration, taking into account the quality and condition of the piano and the clients’ budget. The end result will be what serves the client best.

Whether you are considering restoration of your piano or the purchase of a restored piano, my goal is the same: to provide an instrument with musical merit, durability, and appearance which is equal to or surpasses that of a new piano.

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